Vegemite Beer

What is this bullshit about indigenous communities making home brew Vegemite?  Surely the aboriginal nation is smart enough to start it’s own outback brewery if the demand is so high…or vegemite would have done the same thing by now so as to profit from the alcoholism all the other beer companies are all to willing, nay, happy to foist upon remote communities?  As the following video demonstrates you can’t even produce alcohol from dead yeast extract so this whole vegemite thing is just ridiculous.













Of course we are led to believe (so is the rest of the world) that Aboriginal outback dwellers have bathtub fermentation stills scattered all over the ‘back of Burke’ in such numbers that challenge meth lab proliferation Australia wide…thus making us more afraid of aboriginals as well as confirming to redneck Australia that they are superior because they can afford ‘real’ beer.

Thanks to Danny TeeJay Johnson


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