Shoots People

My mate Tony Harrison shoots people, has done for as long as I’ve known him and I know he was doing it long before I met him. He doesn’t use a gun (although some people he has worked with I am sure he would have liked to) he uses a camera.  Many cameras over many years.

He comes from a different age of photography (as do I), an age when you you had to wind your camera to the next shot, then when the many rolls of film were ‘in the can’ you went into a dark room for many many hours and worked the magic of ‘burning’ and ‘dodging’ of ‘masking’ and developer and fixer, of filters and F-Stops.

The smells are all gone now and even though we reminisce sometimes about the quality of the images and how we miss the thrill of seeing an image appear on the paper, we are glad that part is gone (me more than him actually).  Tony is such a good photographer someone I have immense respect for, who is much deserving of it.  Now he works his magic on a Mac instead of a Durst and the transition hasn’t been easy but he has such a love of his particular visual art that he has applied his magicians eye to the new paradigm.

Without Tony it would not have been possible to create The Swan Newspaper…he has donated his time and expertise to make it possible.  I love the man for that.  Here are some of his pictures to make your day…call him and get shot…it won’t hurt a bit.

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