Wenceslas_Hollar_-_Cupid_and_the_swan,_after_Giulio_Romano_bwThe Swan is about saving the world one step at a time.  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Laozi (c 604 bc – c 531 bc)

The Swan is a one man band in the remotest city on Earth, a tiny voice shouting against an avalanche of fuckery that the modern media/military industrial complex serves up to us every day.

Who is operating the machine doesn’t matter especially in a world beset by the cult of fame.  This concentration on the person rather than ‘the people’ is one of the biggest problems besetting mankind in our new age.

Ugly insidious fashion individualises our great herd, forcing us to work instead of together, as apart.  We are torn philosophically from a path of collective consciousness to the sickening reality of the care less, for the collective detriment of all of us.

That us is the animals and trees and water, the very air we all breath.

That’s what the Swan wants.  Getting it requires a zeitgeist that grabs bits and pieces from all times and ignores the 24 hour news cycle in favour of the 24 century one.

Help me/us and The Swan grow beyond one to 2 then 4,8,16,32, 64…

There are some people who deserve thanks because The Swan does not exist in isolation.  They know who they are…and their stories and input will be plain to see as time goes by.

The best thing you dear readers can do, is read and write and comment and share.