Pissed as a newt

We all like a drink right?  Wrong!  Some people can’t stand a drink and can’t stand being around people who do.  The issue is control and that is exactly what is the first thing to go when someone ‘has a few’…you are OK if you too have sunk a few ales or whatever but if you haven’t you have to listen to the utter shit that the pissed person vomits at you (and if they have had enough they will literally vomit!).

Of course this is all perfectly legal if not socially acceptable….well, actually it appears to be socially acceptable too!  What is more the stinking drunk and the alcoholic (not mutually exclusive) are viewed not as tragic addicted figures but as comic and completely normal in the context of a society that applauds the inebriated man or woman as somehow ‘relaxed’ or more spiritually aware.  Yet other drugs (and alcohol is nothing more than another drug) are viewed with a disdain and even with criminal charges sometimes leading ultimately to execution!…to be continued

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