Motorbike Frog

Margs people or ‘Margites’ as I affectionately call them will get a kick out of  a newby (a Maggot) who was annoyed about what sounded like kids in the distance on trail bikes.

If you’ve live in Margs you know what it was by now, but this person was almost ready to call the cops or even get in the car and drive around to tell the louts to barlese!  Of course it was the good old Motorbike frog or – iLitoria moorei – which is an accidental imitator of the aforementioned two wheel, internal combustion engine driven [bicycle].  The friend was me – you probably guessed? – It got me thinking how one of the first signs of becoming member of a new community is in the little differences that you grow to take for granted until a newby reminds you of it.

Finding out it was the sound of a frog made me feel good about hearing it because it means these little but very important part of the environment are in my backyard – I am now trying to get used to the sound of the Australian Moto Cross championships every night…that’s an exaggeration; however, as much as I am happy for them to live with me they are pretty annoying housemates.  In time I will get used to it and will be lulled of to sleep by the distant monotony of it.

This video is just one frog, when you get a few it sounds like the Isle of Man TT!

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