King Is Dead

malcolm-turnbullSo much like a dream (it may still become a nightmare). The slimy little jug eared, lycra wearing, slogan spouting (stop the boats, Stop the mining tax blah blah), budgie smuggling and intensely annoying T Abbott is no longer Australia’s Prime Minister.  Now you may say god save the queen but nothing will save Malcolm from the same ignominy visited upon Julia Gillard as the ouster of another Slimy little creep from the other side of the political bench (and also ouster of Julia – take that you bitch!).

Yes I know, “But Malcolm seems so nice and so smart and charming.”  That’s the consensus at the moment…70% approval, better poll figures for the party (not as good as Brutus and Cassius – Julie & Scott – assumed the assassination might create).  There are now rumblings within the LNP, potential schisms abound and Mal (let’s call him by his public transport sobriquet) will be entering the senate (and not just on the ides of March) with some trepidation about his future as leader of this august body (LNP) and he surely must be thinking that his only hope to stick it up the redneck fascist ideology of the National Party, is to win the next election by a landslide that sees the Liberal party stand alone without the interference of these squatters who still think our country is made from the sheep’s back.

NO…we are no longer an agricultural power house or a manufacturing one either…even the mantle of MINING BOOM NATION sits askew our noble national psyche now.  So seeing the writing on the wall for all these revenue streams Mal has taken the course of ‘innovation’, a technological revolution that will see our bright minds creating of Straylia a 21st century ‘Silicon Nation’.  Those that pissed off because they were pissed off at the lack of forward thinking by successive LNP governments and their cows and coal mindset might just flock back in such numbers we may need to resort to recommissioning some old immigrant boats to handle the influx.  It is more likely they will be whistling ‘How you gonna keep em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree’…but really folks, this is just optimistic tripe dressed up as innovation so the latte sippers and greenies think that Mal is leaning heavily to the left (BTW fuck this ‘left’ garbage – how dare the Libs turn a perfectly good ‘direction’ into a political mindset they can claim is linked to a political system that has no relevance in today’s legislative climate).

Unless Mal can start a new party we may even see Tony back at the helm before the next election because by then he will stink like rotten fish in an Australian summer and the Libs and Nats will be doing that same thing a desperate labour party did when they reinstated Rudd in the hope that his resurrection might sway the populace into giving the slimy little prick, “another go!”