Going South

The Swan Newspaper is going south…specifically the South West of Western Australia.  We will be telling stories about the great southern region, its history and people as well as providing a forum for meaningful discussion about South Western Australia’s future growth and position as one of Australia and the world’s most prestigious tourist, agri-cultural and cultural regions.

The Swan Newspaper will post interesting articles about the great southern and it’s history and also about it’s promising future as one of the world’s premiere destinations.  We want to display amazing galleries of local characters and artists exhibitions, contentious local public issues as well as international stories.  The Swan will provide a forum for local comment on international issues that affect us all and demonstrate a broader centrist ideology which encompasses the views and ideas of the many rather than the few.












The Great Southern is a spectacular part of the world and The Swan wants to be a part of preserving and enhancing the whole region so that future generations can experience the beauty of the land and it’s people, especially the indigenous traditional land owners.





















The Swan Newspaper will periodically create luxurious, Black & White limited edition collectable print versions too.  All of the images on the sight are available in print form and we can arrange framing and delivery.  If you have any wonderful historical photographs, illustrations get them in to our galleries or for inclusion in stories and articles.

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