Gary, is a special character.

Someone who without even realising it is a celebrity around Margaret River in Western Australia.  And he has achieved this celebrity simply because he is a gentle soul with a kind heart.  Just over an hour ago I posted a picture of him as he left Blue Ginger on an unseasonal rainy day.  I commented on his preparedness and asked him where he got his wet weather gear…he was at great pains to give me the right directions to Lloyds on the main street and all the time with that special Gary smile.  I asked him if I could take his picture because….well because he is just so interesting and engaging, sadly though I didn’t get his smile.  Perhaps his humble character was a little self-conscious or I got that rare moment when he isn’t smiling?  It doesn’t matter it’s a good picture and within an hour of putting it on the MR Community Noticeboard over 150 people had liked it and many had taken the time to relate stories of Gary’s kindness and lovely personality.


In a world of fatuous and banal people touted as those with lifestyles and personalities we should mimic and aspire to,  people like Gary are left in the shadows by a media that has lost its mind and lost what really matters in this world.  Gary is a quiet and gentle hero in my book.  Wouldn’t we all rather hear about people like him than the Kardashians and Donald Trumps of the world?

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