Australian Exceptionalism

You may have heard of American exceptionalism? 

Wikipedia says this – ‘The theory of the exceptionalism of the U.S. has developed over time and can be traced to many sources. French political scientist and historian Alexis de Tocqueville was the first writer to describe the country as “exceptional” in 1831 and 1840.  The actual phrase “American Exceptionalism” was originally coined by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin as a critique of a revisionist faction of American Communists who argued that the American political climate was unique, making it an ‘exception’ to certain elements of Marxist theory.  U.S. President Ronald Reagan is often credited with having crystallized this ideology in recent decades. Political scientist Eldon Eisenach argues in the twenty-first century American exceptionalism has come under attack from the postmodern left as a reactionary myth: “The absence of a shared purposes ratified in the larger sphere of liberal-progressive public policy….beginning with the assumption of American exceptionalism as a reactionary myth.”‘

Far from being a ‘leftist’ diatribe as the LNP and it’s supporters would argue, Australian Exceptionalism is alive and well in the land down under.  It has permeated the every level of our society from ocker farmers, western suburbs (Sydney) Lebanese migrants from the 70s, Italian and Greeks from the 5os, socialites from every capital city, surfers in Margaret River to sanctimonious christian denominations (too many to mention here).  They all believe they are exceptional, that they are Australian and therefore exempt from common decency when it comes to equality, fair work conditions, immigration, taxation, environmental issues, animal welfare, social security, real estate speculation, banking rorts….we (they) need not answer to the children of tomorrow if they mine coal and vomit its toxic bi-products into the rivers and oceans.  They believe themselves so superior in thought and deed that such radical ideas just get in the way of making a buck.  

The buck (an American term we have adopted along with almost their whole disgusting vernacular) stops here!  

We are not exceptional, our country is just part of the whole planet and everything that happens on it, in it and around it (yes I mean the stratosphere and beyond – there is already pollution on the moon).  

Of course exceptionalism rhymes with nationalism and fascism and that is certainly what it is for the most part.

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