Age of Reason

THE NEW AGE OF REASON (in nomine patris, et filii, et sanctum divitiarum – In the name of the father, the son and the holy riches)

The whole planet is in a new ‘age of reason’, that being a total disbelief in anything the global media foists upon us.  Those of us with a vested interest in the dissemination of ‘news’ and information are ever more appalled at the depths to which a fraternity called ‘journalists’ is willing to sink in their conga line of fuckery.

“Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe,” says Thomas Paine in reference to religion but such a statement can be readily trans-posed from his 18th Century to our modern mediaplex as if it were (is) the equivalent of the greatest propaganda machines of those times [religious organizations].

The modern cathedrals are glass towers filled with eager scribes deifying their corporate pontiffs with powers over the global populace that Christianity would have envied (if envy weren’t a deadly sin). Every day (24 hours) we are besieged with fear driven by words and images – false idols – that bend us to the rules of law, that create a new language we speak at our desks, factories, food queues and unemployment lines.  It is a language handed down from above to the hungry masses who need scapegoats, sacrificial lambs and patsies to feed their rage and misunderstanding of world events.

Words are bent and moulded, meanings changed to vent the anger and frustration almost all of us feel about the whirligig of current events.  We are (those of us who have access to it) prisoners of the news, polarizing existential  views into catch phrases that assuage the popular zeitgeist with an emphasis on hatred and vilification of minorities, countries and even whole regions of the planet.  God bless America, stop the boats, terrorism, insurgency, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Gaza, Hamas, people smugglers, bail outs…a whole new lexicon invented by the contemporary religion of war mongering media hell bent on precipitating crises for the sake of increased advertising sales via ever more sickening and tenuous stories.

It is all taken with a pinch of salt by fewer and fewer people, too many take it as rote, too many are willing to believe it all and act according to their zeal with murder and mayhem being the order of the day for those fanatical enough to swallow the ‘us and them’ mentality fed to all of us by so called journalistic integrity. 

The modern Bible or Koran or Book of the Dead is a television screen or broadsheet tuned to whatever channel your demographic aspires to, the present day worship is that of the dollar or euro and anything that gets in the way of its growth is the enemy of the people and those that control the hearts and minds of the minions who are little more than cogs in a machine. Deus ex machina – God in the machine.

There is nothing too precious that can’t be destroyed by an out of control  media who make villains of insane shooters whose agenda is 15 minutes of fame (even posthumously), not as the politicos and their media bosses would have us believe, instead that they are portrayed as part of a global plot to destroy our precious consumerist way of life.

That same consumerism encompasses the whole panoply from KFC and Adidas for the proles through to Brietling and Ferrari for the alphas.  The terrorists of this world are not the usual suspects, they are the wordsmiths of our new religion – journalists – they are the new priests shouting vitriol from their pulpits/tablets, willing to sell their souls (and ours) to pay their mortgages.

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