Accidental Artists

Walking down a laneway  you see a beautiful, fluid design, a calligraphic masterpiece as awe inspiring as anything you’ve seen in the Getty, Guggenheim, Louvre or the Uffizi.  Who could have created this masterpiece?  Perhaps a new street artist, the next Banksy?  But no, you realise that it’s a complete accident…a tradie has spilt paint when unloading his truck, a property owner was testing paint swatches to find the perfect colour for his garage, another has hammered up some rusty corrugated iron to cover a hole and in their back fence.  The image above is just some council workers who have painted a drain cover that on canvas could hang beside a Rothko at any prestigious modern art gallery in New York, London or Paris.  Accidental art is everywhere we look if only we have eyes to see it.


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